Who do I ask about...

Students and parents/guardians, it is our desire to provide the best digital learning experience possible. If you have questions about a student iPad or MacBook, the Canvas learning management system, curriculum apps and websites, classroom lessons, assignments, and activities, we want you to let us know!

If you are having trouble with your MacBook/iPad, you should:

💬Tell your teacher(s)💬

📫Complete the Student Help Desk Form for your school (Middle and High School), it's located on your student Canvas Course. You can also send an email by clicking on this  TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK LINK 📫

👣If your device isn't working properly or needs to be repaired, complete the Technology Help Desk form for your school to get the problem resolved. A loaner device may need to be assigned to you until your device is fixed. You will be contacted once your request is submitted via the Technology Help Desk form.👣

If you are having questions about a lesson, assignment, and activities, you should:

💭Ask your teacher(s)💭