Jackson County Schools

Non-Traditional Instruction Day Plan Overview

2022-2023 School Year 


The Jackson County Schools Non-Traditional Instruction Day (NTID) Plan, if approved by the West Virginia Department of Education, would allow for the use of up to five (5) days, of remote learning during inclement weather days when schools would be closed for students. Remote days used during inclement weather, would not have to be made up later in the school year. Employees will report to work during an NTID to provide instructional services, and related support for students.

The determination for the use of a remote learning day, as opposed to a traditional snow day, will be made by the Superintendent, based on the severity of weather and road conditions.

Plan Overview

Jackson County Schools has a 1:1 technology device program in place, supported by the Canvas Learning Management System. Microsoft TEAMS and Google Classroom are used to facilitate online class sessions and interaction with students. Elementary schools beginning with grade 2 and middle school students through grade 7 are provided an iPad, and students in grades 8-12 are provided with a MacBook. Hotspots are also available, as requested, for students that do not have reliable internet service at home but have a level of cell phone coverage appropriate to support a hotspot.

For students that do not have internet access, instructional packets will be prepared and distributed to students. These instructional packets will be designed to support current instructional activities, and the appropriate review of previously taught concepts, planned for classrooms. Teachers would be available by telephone (10:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m.) for students that need support but are unable to join class activities via the internet.

During an NTID, school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and Community-in-Schools (CIS) Specialists would be available via video or telephone sessions to provide for the social/emotional needs of students. 

NTID Assignments

In general, students are to submit the work product from NTID on the day school reopens for face-to-face learning.  The individual classroom teacher is permitted to extend the due date for assignments to account for extended projects or extenuating circumstances.

Teachers will design standards-driven instruction using state-approved curricula.  Teachers will provide materials for projects as needed. Teachers will ensure that instructional activities and tasks are comparable to what would have occurred if the class was held in person.

Tasks and lessons will provide learning activities relevant to the content that involve meaningful, real-world experiences leading to deep understanding.

All assignments will be graded/reviewed via the use of rubrics, checklists, and the degree of completion.

Professional Learning

Professional learning opportunities will be scheduled for bus operators during NTIDs. Professional learning opportunities have also been identified and will be scheduled at the school level for instructional staff in a manner that does not interfere with instruction and related supports for students. Professional learning will focus on the priorities previously established in the Jackson County Schools Strategic Plan.

School contact numbers answer NTID questions:

Elementary Schools

Phone Number

Middle Schools

Phone Number


(304) 372-7330


(304) 273-5480


(304) 372-7333


(304) 372-7350


(304) 372-7340


(304) 273-2692


(304) 273-3511

High Schools

Phone Number


(304) 372-2262


(304) 273-9301

Ravenswood Grade

(304) 273-5391


(304) 372-7355

Ripley Elem.

(304) 372-7345