How to Become a Volunteer in Jackson County Schools

Step 1 - Complete Megan's law training (Required by WV Code- Once every Three Years)

Please watch the video and review Meghan's Law materials below. (Requirement to be a Volunteer)

Link to Meghan's Law Educator Guide - Required

Step 2- Complete Volunteer Form on Website and submit form to the school Secretary. JC-7A, Approval to Transport Students must be completed and attached to the Volunteer Form if you are requesting to transport students.

School/Central Office Procedure

Step 3 - Form is routed to the school Principal who approves/denies

Step 4 - Law enforcement completes background check

Step 5 - Law enforcement submits list of approved volunteers to the Superintendent's office

Step 6 - Superintendent's office approves/denies

Step 7 - Jackson County Board of Education approves/denies

Approved Volunteers