Kenna Parents- Just a reminder to complete the 2022 WV School Learning Environment Survey for parents/caregivers. The survey results will provide valuable feedback for our school. Your answers are completely anonymous. The KENNA ELEMENTARY PARENT survey can be accessed at Please use this code to login: P035206 Thank you for taking the time to help our school improve!
20 days ago, Michelle Stellato
Good evening staff and parents: By now you should have received information regarding the Raising Boys and Girls Conference on December 9-10 at Ripley High School. This is a free conference for educators and parents. Space is limited. Please register for this event as soon as possible. Conference details and registration information can be found at Most importantly, please take a few moments today to thank a Veteran for their service to our country. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.
24 days ago, Will Hosaflook
1st 9 Weeks Attendance Champions- Students with greater than 94% attendance rate were invited to sign our "Attend to Win" Wall of Champions today. There were 125+ students who were recognized!
26 days ago, Michelle Stellato
attend to win
attend to win
attend to win
students signing
Mrs. Baker's 2nd grade class at Kenna Elementary recently won a "Fancy Lunch" as their prize for having 90% of their classroom participate in the School breakfast and lunch programs. Last month, students at Kenna Elementary were encouraged to participate in the school food program. The class with the highest participation rate won the fun prize!
26 days ago, Michelle Stellato
Fancy Lunch 1
Fancy Lunch 2
Fancy Milk Glass
Fancy Lunch Scoreboard
Good evening, Jackson County Schools is asking parents/guardians to provide input and vote on the 2023-2024 school calendar. To view the three (3) draft calendars, please click the following link - To vote, please click
about 1 month ago, Jackson County Schools
Congratulations to Mrs. Robin Chancey for winning the 2022 Teacher portion of the SMART529 "When I Grow Up" essay contest. Mrs. Chancey celebrated by attending the awards banquet hosted by the West Virginia State Treasurer's Office in September.
about 2 months ago, Kenna Elementary
Mrs. Chancey with Mr. Hosaflook and Mr. Frazier.
First grade just finished their skeletal system unit. Check out their robotic hands!
about 2 months ago, Michelle Stellato
first grade with their robotic hands
It was a Messy Day in Kindergarten! Students enjoyed playing in the sand box and exploring with their senses!
2 months ago, Michelle Stellato
Kindergarten Messy Play
Sand play
Sand play
2 months ago, Jackson County Schools
Adopt a Family Sign ups
Parents and Guardians: The WV Treasury Department just announced a wonderful opportunity for students 14 years old and under. West Virginia's Savings Solution or SMART529, is celebrating 20 years by giving away three $20,000 scholarships. If you are interested, please click the following link to apply.
2 months ago, Will Hosaflook
Good morning, I would like to provide an update to all Kenna Elementary School families regarding the ongoing HVAC issues we are experiencing at Kenna Elementary.   As most are well aware, the problems we are experiencing have been ongoing since day 1 of the school opening nine years ago.  As I write this update, the school’s HVAC system is operating at 50%, which could change at any second. The Jackson County Board of Education continues to purchase components to fix the system, only to find out that another part is broken once the faulty parts are replaced.  I fully understand your frustration; our frustration is high as well.  For the short term, we will continue to have contractors, engineers, and our maintenance department evaluate and continually repair the system.  However, the solution is not to keep replacing and repairing parts but to completely replace the entire system.  What we are doing now is not working, and I refuse to make excuses for the situation.  I have asked an engineering firm to be at Kenna Elementary ASAP to provide us with multiple solutions for a complete replacement.  We need to act quickly with drastic measures to fix this persistent problem.  Once again, I apologize for this issue, which is 100% unacceptable for Jackson County Schools.  I can promise you that fixing this problem is of the highest priority.  As progress continues, I will keep you updated on the live feed post on Kenna Elementary's website.  
2 months ago, Will Hosaflook
Good evening. Students in grades 4-9 and 12 who took the WVGSA and SAT last spring will be receiving a video link to a special score report video this evening. These emails will be sent out to the child’s school email address. If you have trouble accessing that email account, please contact your child’s school. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.
3 months ago, Jackson County Schools
Update: Our local law enforcement has confirmed that there was NO threat to Jackson County Schools in West Virginia. After further investigation, the threat originated from an individual in Texas talking about similar named schools in our county. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter. Have a wonderful day.
3 months ago, Will Hosaflook
Good morning. This is Will Hosaflook, Superintendent of Jackson County Schools. Around 1:00 a.m. this morning, Jackson County Schools was notified by the State Police and the FBI Fusion center of a possible threat targeting our schools. Jackson County Schools and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department have been working throughout the night to gather information about the threat to take immediate action for today’s classes. We know that the threat found on Twitter was very vague and came from an individual in the Southwest region of the United States. However, regardless of the threat’s credibility, we feel it is necessary to inform our employees and families that we are heightening our standard safety protocols and will have an increased presence of law enforcement officers in our schools today. If information should change, I will contact you immediately.  Thank you, and have a wonderful day.
3 months ago, Will Hosaflook
GREAT NEW! Parents now have the option to complete the beginning of the school packets online. Information @
4 months ago, Jackson County Schools
Summer PEBT benefits 2022 Information @
5 months ago, Jackson County Schools
Important Announcement - FOOD AT THE FAIR @
5 months ago, Jackson County Schools
NEW RELEASE - Face Coverings Now Optional Effective: February 18, 2022 @
10 months ago, Jackson County Schools